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Grief Therapy in Orange County Grief is a natural state of mind that everyone experiences in life. It is an emotional response to a great loss. Mostly people face intense grief as a response to the loss of a dear one or a major destabilizing event in life, such as divorce , financial loss, loss of a friendship, job, a pet, etc. Significant changes in life may also lead to feelings of grief and mourning. Grief can shatter the sense of order in people’s life and change their attitude towards life forever.

Grief brings feelings of extreme sadness mixed with other emotions such as anger, shock, and guilt. Every individual grieves in different ways, but going through the process of experiencing grief is a healthy and important part of the healing process. If you are in grief, you require taking some action for its effective healing. Some people can do it by themselves but many may find it difficult and seek additional support from psychiatrists or psychologists to speed up the healing process.


Grief is multi-faceted with physical, emotional, behavioral, social, and spiritual aspects. It can manifest itself differently in every person depending on his or her personality, culture, family values and religious beliefs. Experts do not agree with the conventional view that states the grief moves through predictable and orderly stages. They believe that there is no typical response to a loss or a usual timeline for grieving a particular loss. However, some symptoms such as shock and disbelief, guilt, sadness, anger, fear and some physical symptoms are common.

Grief Therapy

Grief counseling can be a tremendous help for developing a greater ability to control and understand your emotions, or simply finding peace of mind. Grief therapy is aimed at assisting individuals in coping with their grief. Contrary to traditional counseling, the behavior of the person suffering from grief does not need to be changed. Instead, the therapist acts more like a guide who assists people suffering from grief in exploring the intensity of their feelings and helps them in detaching themselves from the negative aspects of the loss. A grief counselor cannot numb your pain, but encourages building a healthy positive association with the loved one you have lost. If your grief is caused by some other adverse developments in life, then he can help you come to terms with reality and develop a positive attitude further ahead.

Come and visit us if you have been overwhelmed with grief caused by some major events in your life and you are finding it difficult to manage. Call Olga Wingood, licensed MFT, at (949) 231-8778 .

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