Bipolar Or Manic Depression Therapy Orange County

The Extreme Highs And Lows of Bipolar or Manic Depression

Bipolar or manic depression is associated with serious shifts in behavior pattern, mood, thinking and energy levels of persons. Everybody experiences mood swings – there are days when you feel high, in good spirit, and there are days when you are feeling low, somewhat depressed because of various reasons related to work, family, etc. But if it happens to the extent that it starts affecting your normal activities, then there is reason to worry, and that is why it needs attention by a licensed therapist .

A person suffering from bipolar disorder swings from a high of mania at one end to the extremes of depression on the other end. This state of mind may continue for days, weeks and even months. His behavior during a manic phase becomes quite impulsive and he may take extreme decisions, without giving them proper thought, such as  quitting his job, going on a spending spree using credit cards, etc.

Manic Depression Therapy in Orange County

Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms of bipolar depression vary greatly in intensity, frequency and pattern among different people suffering from it. There are basically four different kinds of mood episodes people go through, when they are found to be suffering from this disorder. These are mania, hypomania, depression and mixed episodes. During manic phase, people may have a feeling of excessive or heightened energy levels. They feel that they are destined for greatness, are extremely powerful and suffer from a sense of excessive optimism. They might take certain very bold decisions during this phase of bipolar disorder. Hypomania is a less severe form of mania where people still remain in touch with reality, even though they are suffering from heightened energy levels.

The phase of depression involves feelings of guilt, irritability, unpredictable mood swings and restlessness. They may feel sad, lonely and fatigued, and may also have sleep problems, memory and concentration problems with thoughts of death or suicide occupying their mind. In mixed episodes of bipolar depression, a person may suffer from a combination of symptoms associated with mania, hypomania or depression phases of bipolar depression.

Get in Touch with a Therapist

Bipolar depression is significantly different from the regular depression that most of us experience from time to time.   Left untreated, the symptoms may get worse creating problems in career, health and relationships. It is best to seek the help of a professional therapist, as the treatment for bipolar depression is long term. The treatment is not really simple requiring just a few medications.  It involves the expertise of a qualified therapist who can keep a watch on the person while the therapy is going on, in order  to observe various twists and turns in his behavior patter

If you have anyone in your family or in your friends’ circle, who you think might be suffering from bipolar/manic depression or any type of depression in Orange County , call us immediately for expert advice.  You can reach Olga Wingood, licensed MFT, at (949)231-8778 .

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