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Is your marriage under stress and you are finding it difficult to bring it back to the normal level despite your best efforts? Couples therapy is the best way to bring married life back on track for those who have strained their relationship with their partners to the extent that it is beginning to affect their normal life. In couples therapy, the therapist helps the couple to first identify the conflict issues between them, and then helps them to decide what changes are required in the relationship, so that both partners feel happy and satisfied. Therapy helps you become a better individual and an excellent partner through various techniques.

Couples therapy is not directly linked with psychotherapy because the focus of the therapy is on relationship issues and not on psychological illness of a partner. It is a kind of counseling therapy focusing primarily on the issues that exist in the relationship between couples. But these issues always involve individual problems and relationship based arguments. Expert counseling helps in reestablishing the missing links in the relationship, which have either been broken or worn out with time.

Various Approaches to Orange County Couple Therapy

There are different models and philosophies that couples counselor in Orange County follow to deal with relationship difficulties. The most widely used models are object relations couple therapy, psychoanalytic couple therapy, cognitive behavior couple therapy, integrated behavioral couple therapy and ego analytical couple therapy. But before going for any type of therapy, the couples must understand that the key element to success is proper cooperation. To get a positive output, there must be a desire to change or improve the non-adaptive behavior patterns.

In the object relations couple therapy, an environment of impartiality and neutrality is created to understand the internalized conflicts that each partner is responsible for in the relationship in the form of dysfunctional behaviors. Psychoanalytic therapy attempts to unveil unresolved childhood or early age conflicts to understand how it affects the married life. Integrative behavioral therapy helps married couples by improving communication, exchange, and the problem-solving skills of partners. In cognitive behavior therapy sessions, the professional therapist trains and increases awareness concerning assumption, perceptions, attributions or standards of interaction between husband and wife. Ego analytical approaches use ways to foster the skills to better communicate important feelings between couples.

Call Olga Wingood, licensed MFT, at (949)231-8778 , if you are finding your frequent fights with your spouse spoiling the relationship and disturbing your mental peace. With her help, you can find ways to rediscover the magic that brought you together and rebuild the relationship on that foundation. Whatever may be the conflict issue between partners, it is addressed with the most appropriate and workable plan of therapy to take your relationship to a new level of satisfaction.

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