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Divorce is a painful experience for both partners but it is even more painful for kids, ironically through no fault of their own. They are the innocent victims of divorce. Children witnessing divorce in the family go through an emotional trauma that is a mix of stress, sadness and confused state of mind. They are sad because they can see that their father and mother are not going to stay with them all the time. They are confused because they have no idea what life is going to be like in the absence of one of their parents. And they are under immense stress because of their mixed feelings and their inability to understand why their parents are going to take such an extreme step. Through individual and group divorce sessions, the Orange County divorce counselor tries to identify what are the most difficult aspects of the divorce for the children.

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You as a parent can help your children cope with divorce in many ways. For instance, you can tell them why you are separating by telling them the truth. You also need to convey in clear terms that despite whatever has happened between you and your spouse, you still love them. Such simple statements mean a lot to children, more so when they can see their parents choosing to go their separate ways. Despite the differences with your partner, you should never get into a blame game criticizing your partner in front of your children. They are most likely as attached to you as they are with your partner and you would certainly not like them to feel even more insecure because of presenting a negative image of their father or mother in their mind.

Though the major role in helping the children come to terms with the reality of divorce is to be played by the parents, a therapist who is specialized in treating divorce can be of great help to them as well. She then teaches techniques and tools to deal with these subjects. She also makes them better understand why their parents had to take the decision to separate and to accept the radical change in their life in a better manner.

Group counseling for children is often a better alternative than individual counseling. It lets your child interact with other kids suffering with the same emotional turmoil. During the session they can share each other’s feelings, experiences and emotions quite freely and learn from these exchanges

We understand the trauma you are going through, but it is important to help your children come to terms with this harsh truth in a better way by bringing them for one-to-one as well as group therapy sessions. It will give them a better chance to overcome this challenge successfully and grow up into confident and well-adjusted adults.

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