Emotional Transformation Therapy

What is ETT?

Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT) as a therapeutic technique designed to reduce psychological and physical distress. This noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical approach combines traditional talk therapy with the use of colored light to achieve faster results. By stimulating the brain with lights and colors, the neural impulses that affect the nervous system and brain can be reshaped. As the observer and the facilitator, the therapist can recognize emotional responses and influence proper regulation through verbal cues that ultimately lead to behavioral and emotional transformation. The therapist determines what images are presented to the client to target the recovery.

After a therapist establishes a strong, supportive relationship with the client, formal ETT begins. The therapist shines a small light directly into the client’s eyes, with the client seated very close to both the light and the therapist, in a dark room. An ETT practitioner will select specific colors to stimulate different parts of the brain that are associated with the client’s concerns. Normal therapy proceeds as the light is projected into the client’s eye. That combination of verbal and visual processing can speed healing time.

Light can make people feel more comfortable, because clients don’t have to make direct eye contact with therapists. Olga Wingood’s approach of unconditional positive regard during therapy, and the therapist is encouraged to provide a comfortable, safe environment for the client.

ETT is currently used for various psychological problems as well as it can be used to reduce symptoms of pain.

You will benefit from Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT) if you are experiencing:

* Anxiety, Panic, or Chronic Stress
* Depression or Unresolved Loss
* Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD)

Benefits of ETT

* Rapidly changes negative emotional states, often in a few sessions

* Quickly resolves emotional blocks
* Brings forth deep insights and creative solutions to problems
* Creates long lasting changes that lead to improvements in many life areas

There is no need to suffer if you are experiencing emotional upset. .

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