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Gender Identity Crisis: When Living In Your Own Body Becomes A Nightmare

Gender identity crisis is a disorder in which a person feels a strong identification with the opposite sex. It is like being trapped in the wrong body type. Gender, being male or female, is the main element that carves an individual’s personality. A person suffering with gender identity crisis experiences great discomfort regarding his actual anatomic gender. Gender identity crisis is a rare disorder that can affect both adults and kids. Some transsexual adults request hormone and surgical treatments to obtain the characteristics of the opposite sex. The surgical alteration of an individual’s sex is known as gender reassignment surgery.

People suffering from gender identity crisis may present themselves as members of the opposite sex. They may also desire to change their bodies. This disorder may affect the self-image of the person, and can impact the way they dress, their mannerisms and their behavior. The exact reason of gender identity disorder is not known, but there are several theories regarding the disorder. These theories suggest that it may be caused by hormonal imbalances, genetic (chromosomal) abnormalities or defects in normal human bonding as well as in child rearing.

Treating Gender Identity Crisis

If gender identity crisis is not addressed, it can cause a poor self-image, emotional distress and social isolation. It can also cause severe anxiety and depression and can interfere with the person’s ability to function and can consequently hamper their day-to-day activity. Hence, it is a wise decision to address the issue with a trained expert as soon as possible.

Gender identity disorder is diagnosed by trained mental health professionals (psychiatrists or psychologists). After a thorough medical history and psychological examination, the expert will be able to rule out the existence of other possible causes for the symptoms such as anxiety, depression or psychosis. Gender identity crisis is diagnosed once the examination confirms that there is a constant desire to turn into the opposite sex without any other plausible causes.

To treat children and adults with gender identity crisis, individual and family counseling is done by professional Orange County counselor . Counseling mainly focuses on treating the related problems of anxiety and depression and on improving self-esteem. It also aims at helping the patient function well within his or her biological gender.

If you or your child is facing gender identity crisis, call Olga Wingood at (949)231-8778 . She can help you overcome this disorder with a specific treatment planned tailored to your needs.

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