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Marriage is an honorable institution where two individuals come together to form a relationship that is intended to last for a lifetime. To make this relationship enjoyable and keep it blooming for the rest of our lives, we must try to avoid just falling into a commitment based on some impulsive reaction. A proper premarital counseling in Orange County before entering into this commitment of marriage can be a great help in making this relationship successful. Getting married without premarital counseling is like starting a business venture without any due diligence.
In recent times, the divorce rate in the U.S. has gone up manifold and one of the primary reasons for this state of affairs is that we do not give due importance to various compatibility issues that are bound to arise in relationships later on. Premarital counseling is a kind of psychological counseling given to prospective husbands and wives before their marriage. It helps them deal with conflicts that are bound to arise at some point in their marriage. Various studies and researches have shown that these counseling sessions help reduce the possibility of divorce, and it has been well documented that those who attend pre-marriage counseling classes can better deal with the challenges of married life.

Therapy Can Be Useful

Pre-marital counseling, just like any other couples counseling, is usually carried out by an expert Orange County family therapist . The main function of pre-marital counseling is to assist couples in developing skills to find ways to handle their differences. Therapists train them to identify the areas of conflicts that may later develop into  big issues and also teach them ways to deal with petty issues that keep arising when two persons are living together under one roof. They train them to develop a better understanding of their  partners. They also offer assistance in various other issues such as sexual issues, religious differences, and child related issues, etc.

The pre-marriage counseling sessions with the expert professional counselors can range from just a brief session to long discussions stretched into multiple sessions. If you have chosen your partner not based on some impulsive reaction, but on your long association with him or her, then you are starting the relationship with a solid foundation and you would probably require a few brief sessions. You may feel that since you have known your partner for quite long, counseling may not be required at all before you get into the marriage relationship. But there are a number of issues that generally arise after marriage and it is advisable that you still go for pre-marital counseling.

Call Olga Wingood, licensed MFT, at (949)231-8778 to make an appointment if you are going to get married in the near future. We will arrange both individual as well as joint counseling sessions with your partner, so that both of you are ready for the wonderful commitment that you are going to make.

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