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The Cycle Of Fear:  Panic Disorder And Its Debilitating Effects

Treat Panic Disorder with Real Counseling for Anxiety in Orange County, CA Panic disorder is a kind of anxiety disorder where a person faces repeated attacks of extreme fear. It usually involves fear of being in situation from where it is difficult to escape. During these attacks, a person may feel chilled; his hands may feel numb or tingle. Along with this, he may also experience chest pain, nausea, or smothering sensations as well. Many times a panic attack is mistaken for a heart attack. Panic disorder is more common in women. Symptoms of the disorder generally begin before the age of 25, but a full-fledged panic disorder sets in only in the 30s. Panic disorder can also occur in children, but it is usually not diagnosed until they are older. However, with the proper guidance and help of an Orange County anxiety counselor , people with panic attacks will gradually regain their life back without excessive fear.


A panic attack usually begins all at once, and it reaches the peak within 10 to 20 minutes. Some of the symptoms of the attack may continue for an hour or more. Many people face one or two panic attacks in their entire life time, but some may face frequent attacks. People having repeated panic attacks may become very disabled by this condition and usually live in the fear of other attacks. They may be afraid to live alone or away from medical help. Before the situation worsens, they should seek immediate treatment.

How to Get Help

If you think you are suffering from panic disorder, you should first visit your physician. He can determine if the symptoms reflect some kind of an anxiety disorder or are caused by some other medical conditions. If you are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, the next step must be seeking the help of a professional. Various researches have shown that psychotherapy or a combination of psychotherapy and medication is most effective to overcome panic disorder. To deal with the problem, it is best to go for a therapist who is trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy and is open to using medication if required.


The psychotherapy sessions can be administered either in group or individually. There are also partner-assisted therapies available. The counseling for anxiety in Orange County helps people with panic disorder to identify and lessen the irrational behaviors and thoughts that reinforce panic symptoms. The techniques followed in these sessions to reduce the anxiety are relaxation techniques and slowly increasing exposure to situations that may in the past have caused sudden anxiety in the individual. They help the sufferer to understand how to deal with the emotional forces that lead to anxiety. This panic-focused psychodynamic psychotherapy has helped patients to a great extent.

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