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Emotional Abuse Therapy: The Earlier You Get Help, The Faster Wounds Will Heal

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Emotional abuse is a kind of intimidation by which a person gains control and power over another through gestures and words that slowly weaken the other person’s self respect. Argument, conflict and criticism are healthy ways to interact with others but when it involves aggression, demeaning remarks, manipulation, isolation, neglect, accusations, yelling, and screaming, it is a case of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse may have longer-lasting impact than physical abuse and it can leave deep emotional wounds to the victim.

Emotional abuse can include anything from threats and verbal insults to constant criticism or more subtle tactics, such as refusal to be ever pleased or repeated disapproval. Recipients of abuse struggle with feelings of powerlessness, fear, rejection, and anger . It chips away people’s confidence and they feel useless and find it difficult to keep or make other relationships.

It is quite difficult to identify if people are victims of emotional abuse, as there are no visible marks or scars, and the suffering can go on indefinitely. Even if they realize that they are being subjected to emotional abuse, many people keep on bearing with the abusive situations because they believe they have nowhere else to go. Their ultimate fear is being all alone. Shame and secrecy usually keep such people silent.


Some of the signs of emotional abuse are :

  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Agitated or Fearful behavior
  • Increased isolation from family and friends
  • Addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Lower self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Escapist behavior
  • However, signs and symptoms vary greatly from one person to another, and your treatment depends on the kind of emotional abuse you are going through and the person who is inflicting this abuse on you.

    Get Help

    If find that your behavior is changing lately and you are unable to concentrate on your social life and work, it is the earliest warning sign that you may be going through a stage where you need help. Emotional abuse can ruin your life, and so it is essential to identify it right in the initial stages. Seek help before it spirals out of control and starts affecting your career, health and family life. Psychotherapy, counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy have proved as successful tools for dealing with emotional abuse. These could be the first steps signaling the beginning of a long and rewarding journey for dealing with emotional abuse. You can go to an emotional abuse therapist or counselor in order to get to know yourself better and regain your self-esteem. If the abuse is coming from your spouse, you can go for couples counseling as well.

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