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Physical abuse may be perpetrated by acquaintances, family members or others. There are different reasons for people getting involved in physical abuse or physical violence resulting in pain and bodily injury. For instance, physical abuse perpetrated by intimate partners or spouses is aimed at gaining control over the victim. Some who engage in physical violence have a substance abuse or alcohol problem , while some may resort to violence because of unemployment, financial instability, inability to find a partner, and other various reasons.

Physical abuse may take different forms. People may have burns from cigarettes or hot water, sprains or fractures, abrasions on the body resembling rope marks, or internal injuries and bruises. Most of the time such physical abuse goes unreported, especially if caused by domestic violence. Family members usually try to provide an explanation for their injuries that does not fit with the nature of the injury.

Physical abuse is often the root cause of many psychological and emotional abuse problems later on in life. For instance, repeated physical abuse by parents can result in various issues related to anxiety, anger, depression, self esteem and intimacy. People who have been abused physically as children generally manage to function without much problems as adults, unless the intensity of abuse has been quite severe. However, it is very difficult for them to maintain a sense of happiness and peace as childhood memories of abuse may come back to haunt them when they are beginning to form close relationships, or thinking about having a family and having their own children.

How Physical Abuse Therapy in Orange County can Work

Most of the people having experienced such abuse get advice from others to just move on. Even their own internal voice tells them to forget the past and to not think about those negative memories. This can of course be well intended but therapy can help a victim in a number of ways. A physical abuse counselor can help develop a better insight into emotional feelings arising out of physical abuses, clarify choices, manage anger and deal with shame arising out of it. In a way the therapist facilitates emotional catharsis. There are times when such memories are so intense that they may interfere with one’s daily life and symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder start becoming apparent. Personality disorder may also develop, especially if the abuse is severe and persistent.

Call Olga Wingood, licensed MFT, at (949)241-8778 if there is someone in your family or in your circle of friends who you know has been a victim of physical abuse.

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